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1 NEW LECTURE SERIES SUCCESS TAKES A VILLAGE TALLSHIPS ATTHEHELM THE ANNUAL REPORT OF THE EAST END SEAPORT MUSEUM AND MARINE FOUNDATION 2015 WHERE WEVE BEEN THE VOYAGE AHEAD SPOTLIGHT ON THE AQUARIUM EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS AND COMMUNITY PROJECTS KEEP THE LIGHT ON OUR MOST CHALLENGING ARTIFACT BUG LIGHT MISSION GREENPORT NY SEA FEVER I must go down to the seas again to the lonely sea and the sky And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by And the wheels kick and the winds song and the white sails shaking And a gray mist on the seas face and a gray dawn breaking. I must down go to the seas again for the call of the running tide Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying And the flung spray and the blown spume and the sea-gulls crying. I must go down to the seas again to the vagrant gypsy life To the gulls way and the whales way where the winds like a whetted knife And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long tricks over. JOHN MASEFIELD 1902 4 Dear Friends of the Museum This past year has been an active one for The East End Seaport and Marine Foundation. The phenomenal success of 2015 is a reflection of the ever-increasing dedication and enthusiasm that Volunteers and contributors display on a continual basis. I would like to personally thank all of you for your contribution of time talents energy to all our Museum activities. Because of your support in 2015 we have enhanced the educational programs blacksmith demos lectures for both adults children conducted lighthouse cruises for over 850 people grew our maritime exhibits supported Greenport Tall Ships refurbished our saltwater 750 gallon aquarium conducted outstanding ecology sails with Sound Waters and the Glory raised funds for repairs to Bug lighthouse had another perennial successful Maritime Festival an unbelievable Land Sea reception just to name a few. Each year the Seaport Museums diverse programs activities and events draw thousands of people to Greenport and the East End. These events were a resounding success the Museum couldnt have done it without you Our organization provides services to many of the East End residents and visitors. We could not do that without the commitment of our volunteers. To those of you who are not involved I ask that you consider volunteering and or financially contributing to our organization. Because of our strengthened position along with the continued support of members friends and donors like you the Museum has a bright future ahead. In addition to these special events our board was busy in 2015 with efforts to strengthen our organization that included improved financial reporting greater use of technology and social media. Its easy to understand why members of our Board and other donors join me with enthusiasm over this institutions accomplishments and the bright future that lies ahead. Now with Ian Wile at the helm in as Chairman in 2016 our aspirations for the Seaport Museum are set high. I know that Ian will provide great leadership and vision. I ask you to support Ian and the Seaport Museum by becoming a volunteer .... a member ....a sponsor .... a contributor. With Grateful appreciation Ron Breuer Chairman Emeritus 2015 A LOOK BACK. RON BREUER 5 TRY OUT OUR APP Get the app that lets you test new looks for your lorem. 18. THE EAST END SEAPORT MUSEUM IS A MEMBER AND DONOR SUPPORTED NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT. PLEASE RENEW AND CONSIDER INCREASING YOUR DONATION . WWW.EASETENDSEAPORT.ORG THANK YOU MEMBERS AND DONORS THE STORY CONTINUES IN 2016 OUR PARTNERSHIP WITH ATLANTIS IN RIVERHEAD CON- TINUES IN 2016. WITH COOPERATION BETWEEN OUR TWO TEAMS WE WILL BE PROUD TO PRESENT OUR 2016 PECONIC ESTUARY AQUARIUM PROGRAM. WATCH OUR WEBSITE FOR UPDATES. AQUARIUM UNVEILED TALL SHIPS SMALL SHIPS RC MODEL YACHT CLUB LAUNCH 6 2015 HIGHLIGHTS. NAMED A TOP 10 AQUARIUM FOR CHILDREN BY PARENTS MAGAZINE LONG ISLAND AQUARIUM AND EXHIBI- TION CENTER IS OPEN DAILY 1000AM TO 500PM YEAR-ROUND. HTTPWWW.LONGISLANDAQUARIUM.COM This unique design allows the con- struction of lenses of large aperture and short focal length without the mass and volume of material that would be required by a lens of conven- tional design. A Fresnel lens can cap- ture more oblique light from a light source thus allowing the light from a lighthouse equipped with one to be visible over greater distances. According to Smithsonian magazine the first Fresnel lens was used in 1823 in the Cordouan lighthouse at the mouth of the Gironde estuary its light could be seen from more than 20 miles 32 km out. AQUARIUM REBOOT MISSION LIGHTHOUSE CRUISES FRESNEL LENS FRESNEL IS PRONOUNCED FRAI NEL. HUNDREDS GO TO SEA. Nearly 1000 people set sail with us this year. This years sailing schedule included weekly cruises to visit Bug Light sunset trips youth eco trips aboard Soundwaters and a lighthouse supercruise which took passengers to 3 states We look forward to a full sailing season in 2016. Welcome aboard. THE ANNUAL HALLOWEEN CRUISE WAS COMPLETE WITH PIRATES JOIN US IN 2016 FOR A SUNSET CRUISE OR ONE OF OUR LIGHT- HOUSE CRUISES. SEE THE WEBSITE FOR SCHEDULE WITH THANKS TO OUR PAST STEWARDS IT WAS THE VISION OF DR. MERLE WIGGINS AND DR. JOHN HANSEN THAT WE HAVE A SEA LIFE EXHIBIT TO EDUCATE VISITORS ON THE CONTRIBUTION OF MARINE LIFE TO THE ECOCYCLE. 7 Thanks to a generous partnership with Riverheads Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center we were proud to unveil a refreshed 750 gallon Peconic Bay Estuary exhibit at the Museum. PECONIC ESTUARY AQUARIUM A COMMUNITY REBUILDS AN AQUARIUM. FACTS CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT EFFORT The evaluation of the Exhibit revealed that we need to plan for Capital Improvement in the next 3-5 years for total replacement. The aquarium itself if approaching nearly 20 years old and has some degradation. The replacement cost is estimated to be approximately 75000-100000. CALL FOR DIRECTED DONATIONS Please consider supporting the future of our Sea LIfe exhibit via a directed donation. Mission Report EDUCATION 2015 LECTURE SERIES 2015 BROUGHT A NEW PROGRAM TO THE MUSEUM IN THE SHAPE OF A LECTURE SERIES. STORYTELLERS ADVENTURERS ARTISTS AND MORE SHARED THEIR UNIQUES EXPERIENCES. 8 9 ARDEN SCOTT ANNIE Greenport artist Arden Scott dis- cussed her learning curve and experi- ences building the schooner Annie. CAPT. PAT MUNDUS Pat discussed her lifes career from Montauk dock rat to graduate of the NY Maritime Academy to 17 years sailing aboard a tanker then owner of a charter sailing vessel enterprise. PRESERVE PLUM ISLAND FOR FU- TURE GENERATIONS Chris Cryders Preserve Plum Island for Future Generations took the audience on a virtual tour of Plum Island and discuss efforts to preserve the Island. GEORGE WASHINGTONS GREAT GAMBLE Author James Nelson presented Geo. Washingtons decisions after 6 years of brutal fighting against the greatest maritime power on earth. Washing- ton knew he could not win without control of the sea. Despite all odds Washington gambled his army and THE STORY CONTINUES IN 2016 Author James Nelson SERIES HIGHLIGHTS 2015 ADULT LECTURES the outcome of the war on the single chance of gaining naval superiority.. ANTARCTICA AT THE BOTTOM OF THE EARTH CARA SUCHER For the past 16 years Cara Sucher has been the manager of science and tech- nology labs at various stations in the most untouched region on the planet. She shared her experiences joys work and her beautiful photography. INSIDE THE COFFEE POT TED WEBB A look into and through one of the most photographed and impor- tantly situated lighthouses on the East Coast the Orient Point Lighthouse. AHEAD IN 2016 To be a part of our adult lecture series and share your passion for maritime history please email Arlene Klein at JUST A FEW OF THE EVENTS IN 2016 MAY 27 BRETT CURLEW MARINE ARCHEOLOGIST Artifacts salvaged from Long Island waters. JULY 14 TIM FITALE AND THE SAMPAWAMS CREEK MUSICIANS Well knownthroughout Long Island and the tristate area this will be an evening of sea chanteys the history lore and music. AUGUST 11 LARRY WELCOME Hobbyist turned entrepreneur Mr. Welcome will explain the complexity of creating his hand made fishing lures. BUILDING ON THE SUCCESS OF THE 2015 INAUGURAL PROGRAM 2016 IS SHAPING UP TO BRING AN EVEN MORE REMARKABLE SCHEDULE OF TALKS SCREENINGS AND MUSIC. WATCH OUR WEBSITE FOR SCHEDULE UPDATES. Capt. Pat Mundus Coffee pot Lighthouse A SMOOTH SEA NEVER MADE A SKILLFULL SAILOR. 10 11 12 KEEP THE LIGHT ON A spectacular Great Gatsby themed benefit was held on September 5 2015. The Benefit was the vision presented by E.J. Camp and Laura Weil to support the Capital Fund for Bug Lighthouse. The benefit was attended by over 80 guests. All came donned in Gatsby fashion while raising 22000.00 that will Keep the light shining on at the Bug Lighthouse. The success of the benefit was chiefly due to the talents of E.J. Camp and the volun- teers of the East End Seaport Museum. We look forward to E.J. and Lauras continued support as we plan our 2016 calendar. Event Report MISSION SUPPORT FOR OVER A CENTURY BUG LIGHT STEERED MARINERS TO SAFETY FROM ITS LOCATION BETWEEN ORIENT HARBOR AND GARDINERS BAY. MAINTAINED BY BOTH THE FOUNDATION AND THE UNITED STATES COAST GUARD BUG LIGHT HAS BECOME THE SYMBOL OF OUR EFFORTS TO PRESERVE THE EAST ENDS HERITAGE OF THE SEA. 13 Event Organizer EJ Camp. THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES ONLINE VISIT EASTENDSEAPORT.ORG TO LEARM MORE ABOUT BUG LIGHT. Flappers bedecked with feathers and brandishing elegant cigarette holders posed with their dapper companions in a scene straight out of The Great Gats- by last night at the East End Seaport Marine Foundation in Greenport. The event was a Gatsby-themed fund- raiser Keep the Light On for Long Beach Bar or Bug Light Lighthouse guests began the evening with a recep- tion at the Museum complete with pink champagne and then headed to Bug Light by boat the first time a reception was held at the Lighthouse off Orient Point. The mood was festive and as the crowd of 80 gathered at the Museum it was easy to feel as though the scene was a glimpse back into Greenports rich past as men wearing old-fashioned bathing garb posed playfully with women carrying antique metal beaded flapper bags and sporting ornate head- bands. -LISA FINN SOUTHOLD LOCAL GATSBY AT BUG LIGHT ELEGANCE AT SEA 14 The East End Seaport Museum loves their volunteers Whether they are students looking to build resumes or members of the community these team members can work for as many or as few hours as they would like. Volunteers gain exposure to the workings of a dynamic maritime museum while completing projects tailored to their inter- ests. Volunteer applications are accepted at all times and we keep all applications on file when opportunities open up. Volun- teers keep maritime heritage alive. INTERNSHIPS All volunteer positions can be offered as internships. Students seeking to complete an internship at the East End Seaport Museum must be able to receive credit for their experience and provide a proposal outlining their learning goals. VOLUNTEERS ON A MISSION. WE RELY ON THE STRENGTHS OF OUR INCREDIBLE MEMBERS AND VOLUNTEERS WHO ARE TRULY THE HEART AND SOUL OF OUR ORGANIZATION. MEMBER SUPPORT MAKES IT ALL POSSIBLE AND OUR VOLUNTEERS MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN BE A MUSEUM ARCHAEOLOGIST BY HELPING OUR COLLECTIONS INTERN UN- EARTH MUSEUM TREASURES. VOLUNTEERS FOR OUR ARCHIVES WILL HELP IDEN- TIFY SORT AND PRESERVE OUR COLLECTIONS. ITEMS IN THE COLLECTION NEED TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED SCANNED AND DOCUMENTED. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF OUR INTERN THESE ITEMS WILL BE PACKAGED INTO FUTURE EXHIBITS OR TRADED WITH LOCAL INSTITUTIONS. THIS IS A DYNAMIC OPPORTUNITY FOR HISTORY ENTHUSIASTS. NO SPECIAL SKILLS OR KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED ONLY A PASSION FOR HISTORY. JOIN TODAY 15 16 SOUNDWATERS WAS FOUNDED 25 YEARS AGO WITH THE MISSION TO PROTECT LONG ISLAND SOUND THROUGH EDUCATION AND ACTION. SINCE THEN WE HAVE ENGAGED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS AND ADULTS TO BUILD A DEEPER INTEREST AND LITERACY IN SCIENCE FOR IMPROVED SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENT AND TO RAISE AWARENESS ABOUT THE SMALL DIFFERENCES WE ALL CAN MAKE TO PROTECT THE HEALTH OF THE SOUND. THE SCHOONER SOUNDWATERS OUR MOST VISIBLE AND RECOGNIZED RESOURCE CONDUCTS 250 EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION SAILS EACH SEASON FOR SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY GROUPS AND PUBLIC SAILS FOR EVERYONE THROUGHOUT THE REGION. 2015 SOUNDWATERS ECO CAMP MISSION MARITIME EDUCATION ECO SAILING CAMP. Soundwaters is committed to ensuring that no child or school will be excluded from our programs due to an inability to pay. Knowledge about and access to educational enrichment and the benefits of Long Island Sound are far too limited already for so many in our region. The generosity of supporters enables our work whether its an education sail aboard the Schooner SoundWaters summer camp scholarships for children or STEM education at our Coastal Education Center. Overall one third of the students we teach are from low-income communities and receive full or partial scholarship assistance. These children would not benefit from an outdoor field experience and academic enrichment without SoundWaters. 17 DID YOU KNOW One hundred eleven rare species reside within the Peconic watershed. Approximately 128000 acres of watershed drain into the 155000-acre estuary con- nected to the Atlantic Ocean. Shellfish such as bay scallops and hard clams and fish such as bay anchovies Atlantic silversides summer flounders and weakfish are among the many aquatic spe- cies that utilize the Peconic Estuary. FACTS SOUNDWATERS YOUNG MARINERS IN JANUARY 2016 SOUNDWATERS AND YOUNG MARINERS FOUNDATION AGREED TO MERGE. THEIR NEW ADVENTURE WILL KEEP SOUNDWATERS AWAY FROM OUR PORT IN 2016 BUT WE LOOK FORWARD TO THEIR CONTINUED SUCCESS. I never knew we had horseshoe crabs in our bay and that they go back to dinosaur age. -5th Grade Student CRUISE HIGHLIGHTS 2015 ECO SAIL COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT GREENPORT YACHT SHIPBUILDING. Greenport Yacht Ship Building Company was initially founded as a commercial shipyard in the mid-1800s. The company soon evolved building quality fishing and oyster boats as well as private yachts. At the height of the commercial fishing industry around the waters of the eastern North Fork in Gardiners and Peconic Bay Greenport Yacht Ship Building Company built or repaired most of the entire fishing fleet. A TRUE COMMUNITY EVENT TO REMEMBER MISSION SUCCESS MARITIME FESTIVAL GRAND MARSHALL Captain Pat Mundus was chosen as the 2015 Maritime Festival Grand Marshall. Second from left with friends. Captain Mundus also participated in our Lecture Series. p. 12 The Annual Land Sea Gala Event has become a true Greenport tradition. 2015 saw this event blossom into a wonderful celebration of the past present and future of our maritime heritage. For the first time the Gala was held in the Greenport Shipyard giving a unique experience to guests as they enjoyed a rare opportunity to see the working waterfront up close. MAJOR EVENTS LAND SEA 18 THANK YOU Greenport Yacht and Shipbuilding owner Steve Clarke with Ruth Shank. Mr. Clarke donated the use of his land for the gala. Above from left Paul Romanelli Debbie and Don Griffin and Terri Romanelli 2015 LAND SEA GALA Guests were welcomed into the historic shipyard firmly rooting the event in the past present and future of our Maritime Heritage. FOR MORE PICTURES GO TO HTTPWWW.EASTENDMARITIMEFESTIVAL.ORG MORE PHOTOS ONLINE The events organizer Ashley ONeil left with First and South partners Peter Pace and EESM Board Member Sarah Phillips Loth LAND SEA 2015 20 THE TALL SHIPS OF AMERICA TOUR MADE A STOP IN GREENPORT HARBOR THIS INDEPENDENCE DAY WEEKEND. SIX VESSELS FROM AROUND THE WORLD DOCKED FOR THE GREENPORT VILLAGE TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE 2015. A POPULAR EXHIBIT ONTHE EVENTS SIGNATURE SHIP THE HERMIONE WAS PRESENTED BY THE EAST END SEAPORT MUSEUM. A 145-FOOT REPLICA OF THE FRENCH NAVY FRIGATE THAT CARRIED THE MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE TO THE AID OF GENERAL GEORGE WASHINGTON IN AMERICA IN 1780. THE HERMIONE IS CONSIDERED ONE OF THE MOST HISTORICALLY ACCURATE RECONSTRUCTIONS EVER BUILT. CHALLENGE MET. THE TALLSHIPS CHALLENGE EXHIBIT REPORT 21 KALMAR NYCKEL The original Kalmar Nyckel was the flagship in Governor Peter Minuits 1638 expedition that founded the colony of New Sweden the first European settlement in the Delaware Valley. Today the replica ship is used as a floating classroom teaching students about Delawares rich maritime history. PRIVATEER LYNX The Privateer Lynx was an 1812 Baltimore Clipper schooner that originated on Chesapeake Bay. Privateers were rarely used to engage the enemy but instead served as escort ships used to harass enemy shipping vessels. The Lynx was one of the War of 1812s earlier privateer vessels and was captured early in the war. PICTON CASTLE A 179-foot 284-ton ship out of Nova Scotia the Picton Castle is used for sail training voyages around the world. In the past decade the Picton Castle has circled the globe five times among its many travels. A.J. MEERWALD New Jerseys official Tall Ship the A.J. Meerwald is a restored oyster dredging schooner whose home port is in Bivalve Commercial Township N.J. The A.J. Meerwald was added to the National Register of Historic Places on Nov. 7 1995. SAGRES A steel-built three-masted barque the Sagres is a 295-foot Navy Tall Ship out of Portugal that was actually built in 1937 by the German Navy. Still in service as a training ship for the Portugese Navy the Sagres made its first voyage around the world in 2010. 2015 TALLSHIPS HIGHLIGHTS 22 PECONIC BAY POWER SQUADRON presented a lesson on water safety Many of the children tried on their first life preservers after learning of their importance. During snack time Ray Walton regaled them with true life sailing adventures. GLORY Captain Dave took half of the children for an ecology sail on the solar powered Glory while the remainder examined water samples under Bob Jesters microscope. This was the first time a number of the children have actually been on a boat and for some the first experience with a microscope. HORSESHOE CRABS Molloy College professor Sixto Portilla led a lesson and discussion about the biology of horseshoe crabs and their benefit to mankind. The class was followed with a craft session echoing the lessons learned. CORNELL EXTENSION taught a class about the animals that live in our local waters. Live creatures and a touch tank led to gleeful shrieks and lots of excitement. BLACKSMITH JOHN FOLK A short walk resulted in a big thrill as the children met our blacksmith Jon. They learned the necessity of a reliable blacksmith to the mariners of old watched as Jon build the fires and created a number of different objects. Questions outnumbered the embers in the air SEA STARS One of the most respected teachers on Long Island and native Greenporter Bob Jester led a class on sea stars. The up close hands-on experience brought stars to the eyes of the eager children. OUR CLASSES WERE CAPPED AT 15 CHILDREN. THROUGHOUT THE 7 WEEK PROGRAM THERE WERE NEVER LESS THAN 11 CHILDREN PRESENT. AT THE END OF THE SESSIONS EVERY CHILD ASKED IF THEY COULD RETURN THE FOLLOWING SUMMER 2016 AND THE PARENTSGUARDIANS THANKED US FOR THEIR CHILDS WONDERFUL EXPERIENCES. THATS WHAT WE CALL SUCCESS FOR MORE DETAILS GO TO WWW.HTTPWWW.EASTENDSEAPORT.ORGEDUCATION MISSION EDUCATION EDUCATION 2016 LIFEGUARDING SCHOLARSHIPS Through the success of the Paul Drum Nautical Education Fund we have created two Lifeguarding Scholarships We recognize that our maritime heritage is only relegated to history if we let it. We are as proud and focused on the present as we are about our past. Paul Drum in cooperation with the East End Seaport Museum and Marine Foundation has begun raising funds to support children in the safety and enjoyment of our surrounding waters. The Paul Drum Nautical Education Program will be an ongoing partnership. This program will be available free of charge and is designed to increase knowledge and enrich the lives of our youth. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS 23 MARINE EDUCATION THE NEXT GENERATION 24 WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR THE GENEROSITY OF OUR FESTIVAL SPONSORS OUR COMMUNITY AND THE VILLAGE OF GREENPORT. WITHOUT YOU THE EAST END SEAPORT MUSEUM AND MARINE FOUNDATION WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE OUR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS AND MAINTENANCE OF THE MUSEUM NAUTICAL DISPLAYS AND LONG BEACH BAR LIGHTHOUSE. WE ALSO APPRECIATE THE SUPPORT OF OUR FELLOW NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS WHO OFFER SO MUCH TO THE PUBLIC AND ASK FOR SO LITTLE IN RETURN. A GREENPORT TRADITION MISSION MAJOR FUNDRAISER 26TH MARITIME FESTIVAL. A rising tide lifts all boats. Greenport is a more vibrant place than it was in re- cent past and change brings churning. I encourage anyone who hasnt been to the Festival in a decade to come and see the difference. This is my sixth year assembling classic boats and iceboats at the Festival bringing more maritime to the Maritime Festival. We show how many local boatbuilders repair experts restorationists and lovers of craftsmanship live and work among us. -Pat Mundus 2015 Grand Marshall 25 FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS 2015 MARITIME 26th Maritime Fest THE STORY CONTINUES IN 2016 THIS YEARS MARITIME FESTIVAL PROMISES TO BE BETTER THAN EVER WITH EXPANDED NAUTICAL EXPE- RIENCES AND MORE HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES. WATCH OUR WEBSITE FOR UPDATES 26 OUR SMALL SHIPS EXHIBIT WAS LAUNCHED TO COINCIDE WITH THE TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE EVENT. THE MUSEUM HOLDS AN IMPRESSIVE COLLECTION OF HAND CRAFTED SHIPS MODELS A TRADITION DATING BACK CENTURIES. MANY OF THE PHOTOS IN THIS ISSUE ARE TAKEN FROM THE EXHIBIT. SMALL SHIPS EXHIBIT SMALL SHIPS EXHIBIT REPORT 27 COPIES OF THE SMALL SHIPS BOOK ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE AND IN OUR SHIPS CHANDLERY FOR MORE PICTURES GO TO HTTPWWW.EASTENDSEAPORT.ORG MORE PHOTOS ONLINE THE MODEL SHIP TRADITION Ship modeling is a craft as old as shipbuilding itself stretching back to ancient times when water transport was first developed. Ancient ship and boat models have been discovered throughout the Mediterranean especially from ancient Greece Egypt and Phoenicia. These models provide archaeologists with valuable information regarding seafaring technology and the sociological and economic importance of seafaring. Ship modelling in the United States experienced a boom in the late 1920s when Popular Science magazine published an extended series of articles and plans for famous ships by modeller and former Navy officer E. Armitage McCann. 28 29 CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS We take great pride in our care for the unique artifacts and exhibits in our col- lection. As caretakers of Bug Light we have the responsibility to maintain a most difficult of artifacts Exposed to the elements the light requires constant vigilance and attention. We are please with the work we have accomplished this year on this and other capital projects and look forward to the challenges ahead including work in the Museum itself the Blacksmith Shop the Aquarium and more. Contributions and sponsorships are what make this work possible and we thank all who help us meet our challenges. VOLUNTEER JOIN US FOR A PROJECT IN 2016. CONTACT VOLUNTEEREASTENDSEAPORT.ORG ONGOING WORK CAPITAL PROJECTS 30 AROUND THE DOCKS GLORY AN ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY VESSEL HAS DELIGHTED ADULTS AND CHILDREN ALIKE WITH WHIS- PER-QUIET AND FUME-FREE TOURS OF THE PECONIC BAY SINCE 1999. WWW.GREENPORTLAUNCH.COM The Village Blacksmith shop located behind the old schoolhouse on Front Street at the edge of Mitchell Park is a replica of a building that dated from the 1870s. A noreaster destroyed the original building in 1992 and a replacement in the form of an old East Marion onion shack was moved to the Village in 1999. GLORY GOING GREEN MISSION COMMUNITY BLACKSMITH SHOPMODEL YACHT CLUB The East End Seaport Museum supported the formation of a Model Yacht Club to promote racing and sailing skills with radio controlled sailboats. SAILING LESSONS WERE LEARNED WITH THE AID OF ED CHIMNEYS REMOTE CONTROLLED SAIL BOATS. THE CHILDREN ALL TOOK TURNS WITH THE MODEL BOATS AS THEY SAILED IN THE BAY BE- HIND THE SEAPORT MUSEUM. WE HOPE TO EXPAND THIS PROGRAM IN 2016. MODEL YACHT SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES ARE AVAILABLE. GLORY GOING GREEN ART SCIENCE AND WRITING PROGRAM SINCE OCTOBER 2012 GLORY GOING GREEN HAS SPONSORED FREE WEEKLY ART SCIENCE AND WRITING CLASSES FOR THE 4TH AND 5TH GRADERS OF THE GREENPORT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. 31 THE VOYAGE AHEAD WE DEPEND ON MEMBER SUPPORT AND GENEROUS DONATIONS FOR EVERYTHING WE DO. CONSIDER JOINING OR DONATING TODAY. EESMMF IS A 501C3 NON-PROFIT. CLOSING REMARKS 2016 is shaping up to be a landmark year here at the East End Seaport Museum and Marine Foundation. Expanded cultural events throughout the year educational opportunities unique maritime events and more Please become a member and join us httpwww.eastendseaport.orgmembership A NEW HORIZON JOIN US FOR THE YEAR AHEAD. A BIT OF MARITIME HISTORY GREENPORT ON WATCH In the twenty years spanning 1830 to 1850 over 500 registered vessels were built at Greenport shipyards and thirteen marine railways launched vessels ranging from schooners to barques. Long famous for its prosperous oyster and menhaden fishing industry Greenport also contributed to the glory years of Americas Cup J-boats. As the newly elected Chairman of the Museum I couldnt be more exited about the year ahead. We have a truly wonderful team incredible momentum built on last years grand successes and a renewed energy and spirit. I hope you will join us in 2016 as we stretch ourselves just a bit more As we reach just a little bit higher and work just a little bit harder to bring more value to our com- munity. There are some exciting things in the works for 2016 including an expanded Lecture Series some wonderful new exhibits and an expanded Education series. Old favorites will return to the delight of thousands Ill begin my term by thanking our past Members Volunteers Sponsors Do- nors and Supporters for everything theyve done for us over the years. Ill add that if you are not any of these I am asking for you to take the leap and lend your support. To become the Community Institution that you want and that I be- lieve we can be we must have your support and hear your voice. Ian Wile Chairman World War II brought a boom in ship building. Between 1941 and 1945 Greenport Basin Construction Company - now Greenport Yacht and Shipbuilding - built and launched a fleet of more than 50 small warships Minesweepers Sub Chasers and Tugs. Greenport served as a major transportation hub in the later 19th and early 20th century with twenty side-wheel steamers creating a sea link between New York and Boston. 2015 LOOK AHEAD RAISE THE SAILS WHEN CONSIDERING YOUR MANY CHARITABLE GIVING OPTIONS WE HOPE YOU WILL KEEP THIS INSTITUTION IN YOUR THOUGHTS. ALL DONATIONS ARE APPRECIATED AND TAX DEDUCTIBLE. LARGE DONORS AND ESTATE PLANNERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO MEET WITH THE BOARD TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS. 32 The East End Seaport Museum and Marine Foundation thanks all of our Members Sponsors Donors and Volunteers for their incredible generosity and support throughout the years. We would not be here if not for you and you inspire us to greatness. East End Seaport Museum and Marine Foundation Box 624 Greenport NY 11944 p 631-477-2100 THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO.