Relationship Development:

  • Identify primary customer relationships.
    Target Audience / Demographic
  • Develop a customer perspective.
    What do they want, need, like, expect, etc.?
  • Define Unique Value Proposition

5 Critical Components of Your Message

  1. Define Desperate Problem
  2. Make Unique Promise
  3. Provide Overwhelming Proof
  4. Make Irresistible Offer
  5. Give Reason to Act Now

Customer Persona’s:

Understanding the 4 major persona’s helps you target your landing pages to the “buying personality” of your customers.

This persona is looking for your competitive advantages.  They don’t waste time and need to be convinced your company can solve their problem quickly.  These people prefer a process where they are given options, probabilities and challenges. They need to feel that they are really in control of the searching and buying process. The number one question you have to answer for this type is why are YOU the best at what you do?

The spontaneous persona wants to know you can get them what they need quickly. They enjoy movement and simplicity, not details and cold, hard facts.  If your product seems right for their needs, they’ll make a quick purchase. Most spontaneous visitors just have to like you to convert. These people are personal, impulsive, and may not always know exactly what they want.  They see you as the expert and want to be told what they need, so provide them with professional opinions and guarantees, rather than confusing options.
The humanistic persona tends to be a people-centered, empathetic individual. They make slow and emotional buying decisions because they value and seek relationships from the company they are buying from. Showing the “human” side of your company and strong personal customer services are important. Testimonials of satisfied customers will also give them the trust in you they need in order to convert.
The methodical persona is logical and deliberate requiring details and won’t tolerate disorganization. They want to know EXACTLY how your product or service can solve their problem. Is there evidence of what your claiming your product or service can do? The methodical persona wants documentation of truth.  This persona makes slow, logical decisions when buying and is usually the most difficult to convert.

AIDAS Stages in the Sales Process:

The AIDAS theory shows how people go through five specific stages before purchasing a product/service.

Attract the attention of the customer. Making a strong positive first impression and differentiating from your competition is crucial in capturing the attention of a customer and placing them at ease.
Raise customer interest by focusing on your advantages and benefits. It must be relevant to visitors wants and needs.  Maintain clients interest by guiding them deeper into topic that interests them the most.
Convince customers that they want and desire the product/service and that it will satisfy their needs.  Leave the new client saying “Why didn’t I buy this before? I need it now!”
Lead customers towards taking action by clearly showing them what to do? Although there may be desire for the product, the customer might not act on it. Incentives and Calls to Action are critical at this phase.
Customer is content that they made the right decision. Following through on support will make them happy enough to tell others about you.

Marketing Strategies

Both Organic and Paid traffic play critical roles in the success of your online business model.  We will help you develop your organic results on your website and Social Media and look at affordable options for increasing Paid internet marketing strategies.

Basic Steps of Marketing Plan

Marketing – Are we using our resources effectively?
Customers – Are visitors finding what they need?
Website – Do we need adjustments to our pages?
Revenue – Are we making more money?
  • Who are your visitors?
  • When are they coming?
  • Where Are they Coming From?
  • What are they Viewing?
  • Do they find what they are looking for and become satisfied Customers?
Traditional offline advertising is difficult to track results.  Internet Marketing channels all have analytics to determine RIO.

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • eMail Campaigns
Target Outcomes:

  • Increases Revenue
  • Decrease Cost
  • Improve Customer Experience

Test, suggest improvements, and implement changes.

Process is to:

  • Determine our most important metrics (KPI)
  • Measure/Report/Analyze/Optimize

Conversion & Optimization:

  • Testing Plan challenges assumptions about audience
  • Optimize for maximum outcome

Traffic & Promotion:

  • Online Media Channel Planning & Buying
  • Ad Placement, Display, PPC, eMail, Social Media, etc


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Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.

John Wanamaker Father of Modern Advertising