Website Design & Development

Client-Driven Design

You know your business, and what you need from your website.  We will work with you to put your vision on the web.  Personal screen sharing time is spent with every client to have a complete understanding of your vision and goals for your website.

Landing Page Essentials

For Improving Google Quality Score

  • Make sure your landing page is directly relevant to your ad text and keyword.
  • Provide useful information on your landing page about whatever you’re advertising.
  • Try to offer useful features or content that are unique to your site.
  • Make it easy for visitors to find your contact information.
  • If you request personal information from customers, make it clear why you’re asking for it and what you’ll do with it.
  • Distinguish sponsored links, like ads, from the rest of your site content.
  • Openly share information about your business and clearly state what your business does.
  • Don’t make people hunt around for the information they might need.
  • Make it quick and easy for people to order the product mentioned in your ad.
  • Don’t annoy customers with pop-ups or other features that interfere with their navigation on your site.
  • Make sure people can easily find information to learn more about the advertised product.

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Resources: (Landing Page Grader)

Landing Page Optimization (Cheat Sheet) (Search for copies of your page on the web)

Free/LowCost Images

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All Packages Include:

1. 5 Page Website w/ Blog
2. Clean Functionality based on your Vision
3. Responsive for mobile devices.
4. Contact Form, Google Map (if needed)
5. Logo Integration (custom design work available)
6. Basic SEO setup
7. Submission to all Search Engines
8. Social Media Integration
9. Professional Email Integration
10. Custom  FaceBook/Twitter Pages